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  1. Gosh, I can only imagine how it must have been for your family, moving to UK, such a cultural change as well as climate & all the social, political changes. I don’t think that most of us think about HAVING to leave our own country, imagine if this happened in uk! They must have been truly frightened, imagine moving all your family so far, taking whatever you could, but leaving so much behind… Possessions, homes, jobs, communities. Phew! Makes me grateful for my simple life!

    • It’s my parents and people of their generation that I am full of admiration and wonder for. It must have been so hard for them. I am grateful in many ways as the life I have had here in the UK has been full of things I would never have had in Africa.

      • Yes, I agree, it must have been so hard for them! Also, uk wasn’t quite as ‘politically correct’ then, in fact there would have been quite a lot of racism, I imagine. I suppose your parents coped because there was no other way… Amazing what we can all achieve when we have to! You have learnt how to cope under pressure! I can’t imagine coping with the pressures of GBBO, for example! I’m pleased that you did it. You have been an inspiration, I follow you because I learnt about you through the show, but I love you recipes. You must have made your family so proud! Well done!

  2. It seems a little naughty to click a like button and not say hello! So hello from me. I vividly remember when your families came from Uganda to the UK. My father’s family came in the 1890s to England but they were refugees also and we grew up reminded by conversation and traditional foods with memories of past times and other places. I loved this post and I think we should all take the Fairtrade label more seriously. Thank you.

  3. Here I am clicking away, reading posts, waiting for Homeland to start (love the series!) and then I come here. Just having met you and getting a feel for who you are through reading your blog over the past wee while, I must say that this post has really touched me. I guess we all have stories and pasts that have shaped us, but to experience what you and your parents experienced. Wow, so much bravery, and sadness. I can only imagine how torn you were feeling with this invitation. But, I guess you are right. They will be around the same ages, only young children when all of this ripped so many lives up. It still must have been hard though. What a sweet sweet to honour your family and your roots.

    • Thank you Kellie. To be honest I am incredibly grateful in every way as I have a much better life and have had so many more opportunities here than I would ever have had there. But it’s a big part of our family history as so many we know/knew were involved. xx

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